Sunday, June 12, 2011

Greetings World!

This blog will serve as my journal as I dive into the world of being a professional massage therapist / healer / naturalist / reflexolog-ist {and any other healing powers that this path provides me with}. This decision has been a long time coming I have always had a passion for this field, but never trusted that it could be a career for me. I have had the fortune of being mentored by many healers, on oils, homeopathic remedies, spa treatments, meditation treatments, acupuncture, and overall the ways of creating healthy mind / body / and spirit.

It is however a new thing to be professional learning this field, hands on rigorous training, and to build my clientele. I want to share my journey, and hopefully create a network for any one interesting in building with me, whether it me other healers, people in need of healing directly from my work, or in directly. I believe whether you are young or old, healthy or sick, you can greatly benefit and improve your overall well being with massage therapy. I will be sharing on here my experience as well as key information learned during my training program. I believe each and every time I massage someone I am creating a healing piece of ART.

I also am creating relaxing art that will be perfect decor for a healing center so I will share the creation of that on here as well.

I went with the name Song Bird Healing {healer} for many reasons. I see the immense part that music plays in my life with relaxation, and I have begun to learn how to incorporate this into spa treatment. Also SongBird is one of my many nick names and it also has to do with the idea of stretching our wings. Much of the body's stress on muscles is due to the way we fly through this world, and tension can build up in the back {especially but through out the body) because of this. I want to create the most healing treatment formula that can be adapted in designed for each individual client I treat, and also create a space where sustainable lifestyle guidelines can be prepared as well. In other words you receive excellent treatment, as well as a designed care package to take with you and help you to practice as healthy life out of the spa. So I will be sending out good vibes and am always here to answer questions at
Breathe. Drink Water. Eat Healthy. Laugh Often
and help me get my certificate by signing up for {Free}
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 Thank you for joining me on this journey to learn this new craft.
I am scheduling appointments now, mostly in the Detroit / Chicago area { but also looking forward to doing healing work from San Francisco to New York Citaaaay} and many places in between...
Song Bird Healer
Massage Therapist {in training} / Artist

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